Membership Registration

We are in the process of migrating our membership system. If you need your Member ID, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a VEYM account ( if you haven't already. You can create one at
  2. Click here to log in. Please enter your VEYM credentials.
  3. Your Member ID will be shown to you below. If your Member ID is not shown below, please submit a ticket at

Membership Dues

Over the last several years, it is without a doubt that the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) has grown at an unprecedent pace with a record high of 140 Chapters nationwide and growing. In reaching its historic 35th anniversary, the VEYM is recognized as the modeled youth ministry across the country in the promotion of faith, discipleship and family. To continue to stay steadfast on course amidst the many challenges facing the youth today, we need resources. As such, now more than ever, membership dues are increasingly vital.

In accordance with the Bylaws 2019 (Chapter VIII, Clause 63), making contribution to the VEYM via membership dues is required and is the responsibility of all members. It is also the responsibility of the National Executive Committee (Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương) and the Finance Committee (Ban Tài Chánh) to present and make available the VEYM’s annual financial report to all for transparency and accountability (report was presented to League of Chapters Presidents in May, 2019, and published in TNTT Bi-Weekly).

With unanimous consensus and support from League of Chapters Presidents (Liên Đoàn Trưởng) during recent meetings with the National Board of Executive Officers (Ban Thường Vụ Trung Ương) in April and May, 2019, the National Executive Committee (Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương) will begin to hold accountable all Chapters with regards to membership dues following the deadline date to submit membership dues, which is November 30th, 2019.

Chapters not in compliance with membership dues as outlined by the Bylaws will not be eligible to receive VEYM’s services (e.g., training resources, Weekly Gospels, promotions and processing, scholarships, campaign initiatives, training camps, IT support and services, online Education Center, registration to Conventions, Congresses, and etc...). Chapters with unique challenges in meeting the membership dues requirements are invited to contact the National Executive Committee at for guidance and support.

Submitting Membership Dues

To submit Chapter's membership dues, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select corresponding "League of Chapters" and "Chapter"; click "ADD TO CART".
  3. For each membership category listed, enter the number of members registered at your Chapter.
  4. Click "ADD TO CART" for each membership category.
  5. Once completed, click “Shopping Cart” at top right; click "LOGIN TO CHECKOUT".
  6. Sign in with your VEYM account. If you do not have one, register at
  7. Once redirected to the Shopping Cart; click "CHECKOUT".
  8. Select billing address or enter a new one; select payment method. Either pay with credit card on site (will incur a 2% fee) or request a quote to pay with a check (quote may be used to provide to parish if needed).
  9. Confirm the information is accurate and proceed to confirm payment. If requesting a quote, please follow the instructions on the screen carefully.
  10. Email confirmation will be available once the order process is completed.

To submit membership dues ($5/member) to League of Chapters, please contact your League of Chapters Executive Committee directly (Ban Chấp Hành Liên Đoàn).

Membership Census 2019-2020


VEYM IT Support

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