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The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the USA (VEYM-USA) shares its origin with the international Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM). Specifically in Vietnam, the Eucharistic Crusade was established by the St. Sulpice priests in 1929 at a school with traditional religious purposes facilitated by the “École Puginier” brothers in Hà Nội. Over a period of active development throughout the dioceses, the Eucharistic Crusade released its first Bylaws in 1964 to unify all activities. In 1965, the name was changed to the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement, with emphasis on the mission of educating the youth. With the continuous momentum of the Movement and to meet the educational needs of young people more effectively, a new Bylaws for the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement was published with the approval of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam in January of 1971.

After the fall of Saigon in 1975, waves of Vietnamese spanned across the globe seeking refuge. Subsequently, the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement flourished and developed spectacularly within Vietnamese Catholic communities throughout the world, such as France, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia… At the present in the United States, the Movement bears the name The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the United States of America (VEYM-USA).


The mission of the VEYM has two overarching goals: (1) to train youths to become well-rounded individuals and mature Christians and; (2) to unite and guide the youths to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and take part in building the society. The movement utilizes the Word of God in the Scriptures and the official teachings of the Catholic Church as its foundations in educating and guiding the youths in all activities. To all VEYM members, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is the center of life, the source of spiritual life and the reason for living.

In educating the youths, the VEYM utilizes the natural and spiritual approach. The natural method uses such as singing, outdoor activities, training camps, community services, and etc… all of which are imbued with Scriptural thoughts. The spiritual method ingrains youth members to set as the basis for their spiritual life through Living the Eucharistic Day, which consists of Offering of the Day, Prayers, Holy Communion, Eucharistic adoration, partaking in the Spiritual Bouquet, Spiritual Retreat, Sharing of the God’s Word, and etc…

VEYM members hold dear to their hearts the following five key principles: (1) Live the Word of God and be united with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist; (2) Love and honor Mary, Mother of Christ the Savior; (3) Honor the holy Martyrs of Vietnam; (4) Love and obey the Holy Father who is the Vicar of Christ; (5) Improve human life and preserve the Vietnamese traditions and culture. Additionally, the members of VEYM live by the following Ten Pledges:

  1. As Eucharistic Youths, we offer our days each morning and enrich our lives with prayers.
  2. As Eucharistic Youths, we worship and receive the Eucharist, and visit regularly at the tabernacle.
  3. As Eucharistic Youths, we make sacrifices and find joy in carrying the Cross of Christ.
  4. As Eucharistic Youths, we depend on Mary’s intercession, and determine to be models worthy of Christ’s apostles.
  5. As Eucharistic Youths, we perform tasks of all sizes in the spirit of obedience, and do so with excellence.
  6. As Eucharistic Youths, we remain pure in our thoughts, words and actions.
  7. As Eucharistic Youths, we act with charity, and our generous hearts are always willing to help others.
  8. As Eucharistic Youths, we value honesty and gain the trust of people through our words and deeds.
  9. As Eucharistic Youths, we fulfill our responsibilities, regardless of the difficulty.
  10. As Eucharistic Youths, we partake in the spiritual bouquet, record each night and tally each week.

Introduction to VEYS USA

Lạy Chúa Giêsu Thánh Thể, Con Yêu Mến Chúa.
Xin Chúa Ngự Vào Tâm Hồn Con, Và Ở Lại Với Con Luôn Mãi. Amen

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