The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement is a non-profit organization, under the leadership of the Catholic Church. Its aim is to teach youths to be virtuous people and good Christians. It also offers apostolate services for the youth. Throughout its years of service, the Movement has kept pace with social and cultural changes of the day in an attempt to reach out to the youth of all times.

Join us together we make an impact on the youth’s life!


1. e-Learning Administrator
The e-Learning administrator works as a member of VEYM IT team to provide administrative and technical support for instructional technologies such as SharePoint and learning management system, Moodle. Serves as service leader for the learning management system; coordinating administration, usage guidelines, and data integrations, to maintain and ensure academic continuity.

2. Instructional Designer/e-Learning Course Developer
VEYM IT is looking for an Instructional Designer/e-Learning Course Developer to develop instructional material and instructor-led training programs for youth-leaders. The Instructional Designer (ID) serves as a member of VEYM IT team to analyze, design and create effective learning solutions.

Application deadline: March 15, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PST
Application: No longer accepted

VEYM IT Internships

The VEYM is looking for four interns age 18 and older with interest and passion in cloud computing, cyber security, software engineering, and project management. Classroom and personal experience through application accepted. The purpose of the internship is to gain valuable insights, experiences, and to help enhance the VEYM information technology platform. As such, this is an unpaid internship.

Cybersecurity Engineer Intern
• Identify and analyze information security weaknesses in VEYM’s infrastructure.
• Develop processes to ensure data security.
• Ensure that vulnerabilities get resolved.

Software Engineer Intern
• Develop or identify software applications to meet the needs of the VEYM.
• Test and document applications that the VEYM will use.

Project Manager Intern
• Oversee the VEYM’s transition to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.
• Ensure timely completion of project deadlines.
• Defining the scope of the project.
• Gather requirements from VEYM steakholders.

Cloud Engineer Intern
• Develop the VEYM’s cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.
• Migrate current data and tools to Azure.
• Oversee system monitoring and assist on technical issues.

• Applicants must demonstrate excellent analytical and mathematics skills with the ability to work together in teams.

• Students with academic majors in Computer Science/Network Engineering, Management Information Systems, Engineering or Mathematics preferred.

Application deadline: March 15, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PST
Application: No longer accepted